Stop trying to "go viral"

Re/Code published an article by SocialBakers CEO Jan Rezab titled "stop trying to go viral". Simply, it says focus less on virality and more on shareability. That "the attention that virality brings goes just as fast as it comes." As per the below image:

I agree with the sentiment, but for different reasons. Virality is by its nature about shareability. It is about appealing to a segment of the population, and reaching a vast proportion of that group.

Yet, if you don't have the content that appeals to that group on an ongoing basis, why should they continue to return to the site? Why should they give you their attention? 

Consumers, I expect, are suffering from viral fatigue right now. They are presented with pieces that appeal to large crowds, or pieces presented as doing so.

4x the engagement of his normal posts...  It almost "went viral" itself.

4x the engagement of his normal posts... It almost "went viral" itself.

I imagine this anger would not be the case if the offending organisation did more to capture attention and interest beyond that viral single post.

Virality is not the answer. Shareability is not the answer. Retaining attention and maintaining engagement is what media companies and brands need to be focusing on.